2014 Honda ST1300 A

Price: 9,999
27584 km


2014 Honda ST1300 A


2014 Honda ST1300 A

Performance and comfort

Beyond the power and effortless acceleration, there’s just something special about the feel of a Honda V4 engine. With perfect primary balance, 90 degree V4s are inherently smooth, but Honda went a step further with twin counter-rotating balance shafts that leave the engine almost vibration free. It’s also eerily quiet with only a characteristic mechanical whir to let you know it's going efficiently about its business.

The chassis takes full advantage of the handling benefits that derive from the V4s low centre of gravity, letting you glide along the highway when you want to, but immediately responsive when you leave the highway and turn up the pace. Fitted with an advanced dual-combined ABS braking system, the chassis helps provide a secure feeling no matter where you’re riding.

A strong engine and balanced chassis may be the most important attributes of a sport tourer, but creature comforts rank close behind and the ST1300A delivers here too. A broad, plush saddle provides long distance comfort for both rider and passenger; the rider’s portion is even adjustable for height as well as for reach to help ensure a perfect fit. And speaking of a perfect fit the full coverage fairing is topped with an electrically adjustable windscreen that can take you from still air, to wind in your face at the touch of a button.

Engine Features May IncludeLongitudinal engine mounting eliminates an inefficient 90-degree turn in the power flow for improved drivetrain efficiency.The ST1300A's low overall centre of gravity helps with excellent low-speed handling. The 360-degree crank contributes to a very broad powerband. Two engine counterbalancers virtually eliminate primary and secondary vibration. Both gear-driven counterbalancer shafts are installed in the lower crankcase, to the left side of the crankshaft. The first shaft is driven directly by the crankshaft at a 2:1 ratio. The second shaft is positioned below the first and is driven in the opposite direction by the first balancer shaft's drive gear. The combination of these two balancers assures a supremely comfortable ride for the long-distance touring rider.Chassis/Suspension Features May IncludeAluminum frame combines optimal rigidity and tuned flex to produce excellent handling, superb riding comfort and wonderful road feel. It features a massive steering head casting and triple-box-section spars. The V-4 engine serves as a tuned, stressed frame member. The solid engine-mounting system utilizes specially designed hangers and carefully matched mounting bolts to provide both excellent road feel and minimal engine vibration.Rigid aluminum upper triple-clamp and a 45 mm Honda Multi-Action System (HMAS) cartridge front fork provide excellent suspension control in a wide range of riding conditions.Additional Features May IncludeFull-coverage bodywork features an aero-ellipse form that incorporates striking parabolic lines to accentuate the look of speed as well as enhance stability at high speeds.Three-position rider's seat provides an adjustment range of 30 mm (1.2 inches) vertically and 25 mm (1 inch) horizontally. From the forward and lowest position, the seat can be moved up 15 mm (0.6 inch) and back approximately 13 mm (0.5 inch) to the middle position and again by the same amount to the highest rear position.A motor-driven adjustable windscreen offers 188 mm (7.4 inches) and 13 degrees of adjustability for greater wind protection and touring comfort. A thumb-operated pushbutton on the left handlebar operates the windscreen motor. An additional 58 mm (2.3 inches) of manual adjustment is possible by repositioning the windshield on the mounting brackets.

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